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Navigate uncertainty and capitalize on the digital asset market conditions

By Amber Group 08/10/2023, 4 min read time


Dual Currency is a short-term investment tool designed to capitalize on investment opportunities and optimize profits during market fluctuations and volatility.


Some investment products represent suitable tools for beginner to advanced investors to capitalize on short-term market fluctuations and sideways movements to accumulate interest or buy the dip.


Dual Currency is one of them.


Dual Currency is a short-term investment tool designed to capitalize on investment opportunities and optimize profits during market fluctuations and volatility. Whether the market is bearish or bullish, Dual Currency offers a capital-efficient mechanism for monetizing a market view.


How does it work? “Sell-High” and “Buy-Low”


  • Sell-High is ideal for investors looking either to exit a position at a target price in the future, as with a limit order. The Sell-High position can also be used to earn high interest by investors who don’t think the market price will reach the specified target within the tenor of their investment.


  • Buy-Low allows investors to accumulate an asset at low prices by “buying the dip” when the price of an asset decreases. The Buy-Low position can also be used by investors who aim to earn high interest on USD-pegged assets and don’t feel the price of the target asset will decrease to their buy price within the tenor of their investment.


In any of the above scenarios, the investor earns attractive interest on their initial investment regardless of whether the buy or sell target prices are met.



What are the advantages of WhaleFin Dual Currency?


High-Interest Yield During Low or High Volatility

Investors are given the opportunity to earn high interest yields no matter what direction the market goes. Under similar market conditions and investment options, WhaleFin offers high APR yields compared to other platforms.


Hedging Strategy

When an investor subscribes to both investment options (buy-low and sell-high) at the same time, yield is generated while hedging against a downside move in the market prices.



WhaleFin’s settings are flexible, offering detailed customization and clear calculations on parameters like Target Price and Tenor. Currently, USDT, USDⓢ, BTC, and ETH are available with WhaleFin’s Dual Currency product.

Investors can customize the tenor ranging from 1 to 180 days, and the minimum investment is very low at 10 USDⓢ/100 USDT/0.001 BTC/0.01 ETH.



WhaleFin invests significantly in the security, safety, and privacy of its users and their assets:

  • Holder of the gold standard of security – Amber is SOC 2 Type II- certified by Deloitte.

  • Industry-leading asset custody – WhaleFin works with world-leading partners to provide institutional-grade custody and protection for the assets of its users.

  • Award-winning teams – Amber’s CyberSec and InfoSec teams have won industry-leading competitions such as Paradigm CTF and MoveCTF, and spoke at prominent events such as BlackHat 2023



What are the risks of Dual Currency?


The principal risk associated with Dual Currency as with many investment products is the volatility of the market price on the expiry date since the settlement currency can either be in USDⓢ/USDT or the target digital asset (BTC or ETH).


Users have temporarily reduced liquidity since funds are locked until the settlement date, meaning they could potentially miss out on buying or selling at a more profitable price while their assets are invested in Dual Currency.


Remember to do your own research to understand the implications of investing using Dual Currency.


The Dual Currency Product is not principal protected. You may lose a part or the entirety of your investment principal due to market conditions. Past performance is not an indication of future returns.